Under Construction

I am not naturally confident and I don't handle stress well. But, as a construction worker and project manager, I am constantly in situations that are stressful and require a lot of confidence. Unfortunately I allowed myself to cope with this and other life stresses with addictive habits such as smoking. I was ashamed of myself. Most of my friends never even knew I smoked. But I quit last year, took  running back up, and completed a half-marathon in pretty good time last November.

I changed my identity. I became a runner. It isn't who I want to be long term, but it was what I needed.

Now that I have completed my running goals I set for last year, I am hoping to explore where else I can go with my fitness. Especially since my wife doesn't want me to lose my glutes to a marathoner's body. 


  • Strength training. Currently doing mostly bodyweight exercises. Need to find an affordable gym or weight set.
  • Have enough energy and strength to cope with work challenges and still be able to play with my kids.
  • Clean up my diet. This one has been going good so far. Have cut out almost all processed foods, soda, and white flour. 
  • Track and lower bodyfat. I think I am around 12% but I need to get some calipers and figure it out. 
  • Gain lean muscle weight. I have not been able to get above 160 lbs. but have had a visible change in composition.
  • Find healthy ways to cope with life and become a more positive, confident person.


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