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Susie Apple

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Undecided & Quite Divided

So, sow, sew:

I am coming into this a blank canvas. I have no set ideas or direction. I simply love to draw and aspire to animate. Due to financial misfortune, art school has become put off my list for a while, but in the mean time I hope I can soak up all the fabulous advice, tips, and lessons available to me for a cheaper cost.

I hope in due time a cohesive narrative will blossom. As of right now, I am just full of a bunch of mixed thoughts and jumbled visions. The plan is to organize it all with the guidance of this course.

So, for starters, I've scanned my brainstorming.  (please forgive spelling errors, without a red squiggly from my computer I can become kinda dumb)

Feedback and comments are always welcome.


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