Tobi Goldspink

Cake Designer and Maker.



Uncovering my Style

So I completely understand this process, of already having an innate style.  I think my problem is that I don't appreciate my style.  I admire others and the unique ways they interpret their subject.  I think what makes me admire them so, is that I have the thought, "that is novel! I would have never thought of that!"  Whereas if I came up with it, it wouldn't seem so interesting and exciting.   

I also think with art you need to let yourself create.  I think there are moments when you let go and surprise yourself.  While those moments can be few and far between, you will never have them if you stop creating.  

I think I will be looking at my art in a new way.   Maybe not so much about the final product, but about journey to find the moments where my art surprises myself and I teach myself a thing or two. 



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