Uncovering My Must

I have been a “creative” for most of my adult life. That included being a fashion designer, a costume designer, a watercolorist and more recently a silk painter. So I figured my "must" would end up including some of these things. I felt blocked, unfocused, bobbing about on a vast sea of "creative shoulds with no direction, and so it was “ now what” ?

This course was brilliant but not for the faint hearted. It taught me to make my thoughts clearer, hone in until at the end I found my North Star. Embrace colour, not just physically an artist but colour the areas of my life that I had let go grey or covered up entirely.



Most of the images on my phone were not only about my creative work but also places I visited etc.  Food, fashion and flowers seems to be the theme but also the place where I live (Austria) and where I visited last year ( Rome) . I had them printed them cheaply at an automatic printing machine in a department store because the printing ink on my printer would be devoured after just 1 photo. 



I rarely use Instagram and it was difficult to find 15 handles that I really liked. I persisted and I am surprised what a a source of inspiration it has become. I´m hooked!!
Meanwhile, I wrote two words to describe those I was interested in. Some were already out there doing what I longed to do creatively. So I felt uncomfortable putting the word "envy". It shook my up. In the end they are words that I want to describe the way I want to be. I  admired the courage of those who put themselves out there and have no limits.



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