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Datrianna M.

Interaction Designer




As a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I often find myself at odds with the "persona" of the state. I've only lived here for one year and I am already plotting my exit. Nevertheless, the title Uncommonwealth immediately inspired me to do something Virginia related. 

My inspiration: 

The museum exhibit would focus on slogans (current and past) of states that don't allow same sex marriage. Many of these slogans speak to the what makes the state unique suchas, ability to provide opportunity, positivity, or diversity; yet these same states have not truly embraced the meanings of these slogans. 

Ex: Tennessee- America at its Best ; Louisiana-Come as You Are, Leave Different

I'm trying to decide if I want to focus on type, my favorite!, or include some images like state birds, monuments, and other notable state identifiers. 

Museum: Smithsonian Art Museum in DC

When: June 26th (1 year anniversity of Supreme Court DOMA decision) - July 4th 


So I've decided to do two projects. I have always wrestled with the idea of "growing up" and what it really means. I turned 23 two weeks ago and my little sister says to me "You're an adult now, no more tadult." Tadult is what I used to refer to myself as every year when she'd say I was officially grown up, it's my mashup of teen and adult. I never truly felt like I made a real transition from a teenager to "adult" and I still don't know what adulthood truly is. I'm alway extremely envious of kids when I see them in strollers or at the park because they are living THE DREAM. The first decade of life for a kid, I'd argue, is the most crucial phase. The lessons I learned from birth to age 10 are lessons that, if I lived only by them, I'm pretty sure I'd live a sweet life. My first Uncommonwealth project is an ode to uncommon wealth, the things we believe are valuable. I value the things I learned as a kid and while they could and should seem like COMMON sense, they are becoming more uncommon. 

Usually when people say they are child-like others assume it's because they're immature, but that is not the case here. I love being child-like; keeping things simple, asking questions, being silly, and truly enjoying the little things. Many of us learned these value as kids ..the stuff we learned before we ever got our hearts broken, got rejected, bullied, felt alone, self conscious etc. These values, if honored by all, would make the world a better place; an Uncommonwealth. So I reveled in the idea of what an Uncommonwealth would be like if we were all more childlike and I imagine the museum exhibit to highlight(photography, design, sculptures, any medium), dare I say it, ADULTS exhibiting these truths. My poster is simply the constitution of the Uncommonwealth Kids, the uncommon wealth(values) that everyone begins with but sometimes stray from. 

I'm still playing with type and trying to narrow down just how many typefaces are truly necessary to provide meaning and purpose to specific words and lines. 


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