Uncommonwealth @ CAM

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - student project

As a photographer I've always enjoyed the beauty of old things, often things that people might not normally think as beautiful. Because of this the concept of the "uncommon wealth" really jumped out as something that would make a cool exhibit. It also reminded me of times as a kid where you could see a cardboard box and imagine it was a space ship. Being able to see past what your eyes initially see.

Being a resident of Raleigh I immediately thought of CAM for this since they often will showcase exhibits with a message and that might allow for a wide variety of media to be exhibited.

My initial concept idea is to have a minimal poster featuring one or more photographs contrasting "common" beauty with "un common" beauty or what you might initially see vs. what your imagination might. I want to use the typohraphy to form the contrast between either the 2 images or the image and it's different treatments.

Some photo's I've taken that could possibly be used:

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 1 - student project

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 2 - student project

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 3 - student project

Started messing with text layout today, after some different options and a good bit of font tweaking I have something I'm fairly happy with. I'm using Avenir as my font; it's one of my favorites and has a good variety of weights for me to choose from in order to establish an effective heirarchy.

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 4 - student project

My main font needs to be pretty bold to pull off what I want to do visually, so I'm using Avenir Black with an added stroke to it, I've added addtional tracking to space things out a bit. Wealth (as of right now) has more tracking added to be the same width as common. I felt like it was forming a weird visual line with wealth being just a bit shorter than the word common in the text. I'm not sure if it's spaced too much though.

Overall I'm always a fan of thin text, and I like the contrast between the ultra bold and then the super thin sub headline. The font is sized so that the text spans the full length of the space created by the main name.

I had a chance to go through and try out my idea, after going through a few images, and concepts. My original idea of using 2 images isn't going to work as it's too hard to tell what the different image in the text is. I'm playing around with using one image and having it be treated differently as the main background to the poster and then as the exhibit's name text. I'm not completely happy with this but it's the first draft that's getting close to what I want to accomplish.

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 5 - student project

I've gotten to the point of being pretty happy with the poster now. I have adjusted the leading a bit in the title to even things out and down in the information box to give things some breathing room, I've also removed the inner shadow effect on the text (I actually meant to do this before as it was left over some some previous iterations but forgot), then I lightened up the background a bit to give some more contrast. Lastly a coworker gave me the idea that it could easily be a series of posters with different images. So I've gone back through some photos I've taken that might work and now have 3 versions of the poster.

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 6 - student project

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 7 - student project

Uncommonwealth @ CAM - image 8 - student project

I still need to dig around in my backups to try to find the source files for these images, but I'm happy with how the poster looks now.