Uncommon Mountingale

Uncommon Mountingale - student project

Uncommon Mountingale - image 1 - student projectUncommon Mountingale - image 2 - student projectUncommon Mountingale - image 3 - student projectUncommon Mountingale - image 4 - student projectUncommon Mountingale - image 5 - student project

I struggled to find inspiration from paintings and decide on what type of elemental to design. instead I took inspiration from video game world graphics or world maps. I looked up 3 pictures from different games (Journey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Crash Bandicoot 4: it's about time) yet similar color palette. I wanted to capture the atmosphere created by the lighting or ray tracing into my elemental character. 


I looked at other student's works and thought I should take a different approach to designing my elemental guardian. I figured since it is an elemental I should keep it as close to its roots or material. I'm not sure if this was a right approach, nonetheless I wanted to be more creative. I stared at my 3 inspiration references and noticed they share same characteristics which are mountains, trees and clouds. Thus I brainstormed the designs coming up with a giant tree like figure, a walking mountain and a mix of both. 


As I finished up brainstorming and sketching a final design, I noticed my elemental guardian resembled a small bird. So I felt I should design an elemental guardian made of a mountain in a shape of a bird; I gave it plant like wings, tree branch like claws, waterfall like tears coming out of its cave like eyes, cave entrance like mouth with stalactite tooth, a venting smoke like hair.