Uncle Grampa Schwill Beer Label

Uncle Grampa Schwill Beer Label - student project

My housemates and I are brewing our own beer, so I decided this class would be a perfect opportunity to make a label for it and practice hand-lettering.

The beer itself is pretty great, but the process makes it seem like something an oldman in a rocking chair, on a porch smoking a pipe would have in his basement. We call him "Uncle Grampa Schwill".

Uncle Grampa Schwill Beer Label - image 1 - student project

Currently residing in Revelstoke, BC, I want to create something that combines the frontier heritage of this town and its current vibe as both a center of industry (rail and lumber) and an outdoor activity hub (ski, mountain bike, climb). I want this label to be warm and welcoming, reminding people of the goodtimes to be had in Revelstoke.