Uncle Dan's Meateria


Proposed Business


Uncle Dan’s Meateria is a restaurant in Philomath Oregon that serves only meat. We are themed around logging and want to have a cozy warm log cabin mood. Our target demographic is adults and more specifically loggers. We will operate 12-8 Sunday and weekdays but Friday and Saturday we will operate 12-12. We will serve alcohol and have a bar but that will not be the main focus of the restaurant. Our restaurant will not have outside seating and will not have a tv for sports because I don’t think it is the experience that we want for the restaurant. Our restaurant will be very fast but still focused on sitting down at a table to eat. About 30% of the seating will be at the bar and the rest will be at booths and chairs. We will have a bathroom for men and women. Our maximum seating will be around 80 people and we hope that at about 6 on a Friday every week it will be full. We will bring people to our business with ads on websites like Instagram, facebook, and youtube. Every year on the second Saturday of September we will have an eating contest where it is a race to finish our meat salad and our chicken nuggets and stake. It will cost $20 to participate and if you win you get a $100 gift card to our restaurant. Our menu is going to have limited options so that the customer can look at all their options on a single page and not be overwhelmed by all of the different options. We are going to source of meats from local farms to bring healthy meats to our customers.


Uncle Dan's is going to have a fireplace and we will have our employees chop logs in the restaurant and put them on the fire. Our restaurant is going to be mostly made out of wood and stone to give it a rustic log cabin vibe.    


Uncle Dan's Meateria 1736 Main St, Philomath, OR 97370


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