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Uncle Bill's Buffalo Wings

Hey all

So I've just come up with the idea to do a Buffalo wing hut for my logo design.

After a series of sketches, this one came out thee strongest

and i played around with it (trying to put an emphais on the circle shapes)

and i ended up with two versions. One with and outline and one with no-outline, but an emphasis on gradients. I really wanted the no-outline one to work (as I almost always end up using outlines in my desings, and i wanted to break away from it) but I still feel that the outlined one is stroger

and i played around with colours. I wanted to put an empahsis on the warm colours, and reference the hot sauce flavours of buffalo wings

So yeah, here's where I'm at. I still need to touch it up and add some type.

Any feedback/critisicm would be greatly apprecaited......Cheers


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