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Kevin Lopez

hi c:



Uncharted Mushroom Biome - First try

First I would like to give a big thanks to jonas for teaching this amazing class. I learned a lot from this class. Here is my final result~~

1: Sketch

2: Touch Up

3: Brush Coloring + decided to put a root in the foreground

4: Color + mountain texture

5: More Textures

6: ..Few more textures

7: Pretty Lights - Final

I've never drawn a digital landscape before so this would be my first real attempt. Before this class I didn't know where to start or how to continue working on a landscape but I really learned a lot in this class. Thank you Jonas.

Any feedback/critique would be greatly appreciated! c:

If you want to check out my other projects or future ones you can find it here: http://comradeplatypus.deviantart.com/


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