Uncanny Valley Comics

I've been teaching comics & weirdo art-making workshops to grade-and-middle-schoolers here in Western Mass, and I'd like to publish some of their awesome creations. I think it'll help focus their efforts, knowing they can get them in print, and maybe we can make some cash to funnel back into supplies. Since this is the "Pioneer Valley" or simply "The Valley," I think hijacking the name Uncanny Valley is a funny, off-kilter choice (the Uncanny Valley is a term robot/AI/animation folk use to describe disturbing simulacrums that aren't stylized enough to be Bugs Bunny or real enough to be Andy Sirkus' Smeagol...think "Polar Express" nastiness). I also think "Uncanny Valley" sounds like an old pulp title, like "Amazing Stories" or "Spicy Detecitve."

Rob Kimmel

principal, Rob Kimmel Design