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*My story is newly updated as of 6/6*

Once Upon a Time there was a girl (tenatively named Ellie) who loved to play with her toys. 

And Every Day she played with her toys. she played in her plastic castle, which she ruled over while sporting her favorite sparkly princess dress. Sometimes her neighbor (Tenatively named Charlie) would join her in her playtime, but he sometimes acted like he was a pirate with a ship, even though he didn't have a boat. Ellie thought he was weird, but he was still enjoyable to rule her kingdom of animals over (her stuffed animals and plastic toys)

Until One Day all of her toys broke, and Ellie had nothing to play with

And Because of This, Ellie couldn't have fun. There was nothing to do. She was bored.

And Because of This, she searched the house for something, ANYTHING, to do, but she couldn't find anything except a cardboard box sitting in her backyard. she crawled inside, where her dog was laying.

Until Finally Charlie came over, concerned about her mood. He asks if she's okay and she tells him that she can't be a princess (or another costume, character, whatever) anymore. He tells her that she is wrong, and he shows her how the cardboard box can be a space shuttle, exploring space, or how it can be an entryway to any place she can imagine.

And Because of This, Ellie realizes that she doesn't need toys to have fun adventures. Charlie teaches her that she only needs to be creative and she can "go" anywhere she wants to, and be anything she ever wants to.

And Since That Day, Ellie and Charlie have grand adventures in their own backyard. Their newly decorated box becomes a blank slate for anything they want to pretend.


This story stems from a memory of mine. A few years ago I was babysitting a child that couldn't pretend. I wanted to build a blanket fort, but they could only play in their pop up Thomas the Train house. I wanted to draw birds on paper, cut them out, and throw them off the banister to watch them float down, where it looks like they're actually flying...

But he could only throw his plane toys.

It really made me sad that this kid had no imagination. I want all kids to have a childhood like I did-- full of imaginary worlds and adventures in my own backyard (complete with fake accents of course).

This book will be vibrant and cheerful, full of happy animals and dreaming kids.

Maybe someday this story of mine will inspire a kid, somewhere, to pretend.

Thanks for any and all feedback, everyone, it's so much appreciated! Can't wait to see your projects too!

P.S. I cannot for the life of me pick names for my characters. You are more than welcome to throw out suggestions! :)

- Meg


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