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UnCommon Wealth: A collection of rarities, abundance and beauty.

For the class project, I decided to use the "Uncommonwealth" art exhibition given to us by the professor.  I created several versions before the one I submitted.

At first, I researched the word commonwealth, which of course means a group of sovereign states and their dependencies associated by their ownchoice and linked with common objectives and interests.  The opposite of this was listed as a kingdom.  I envisioned a kingdom unlike any other.  Perhaps in the sky or in outter space.  I created two versions of this concept and ended up hating them both. 

Since I was back to square one, I reviewed the links provided in the lesson for art exhibitions and museums.  I often visit both art galleries and exhibitions so I decided to design the poster along these lines.  I took the concept of "uncommonwealth" and broke it into two words: uncommon and wealth.  

Rare luxury is easily accessable now a days because of the internet and I don't think a museum or gallery would display such commonly found items.  When I think of true luxury or wealth, I often think about Hollywood's golden era.  I researched images of hollywood glamour, then researched luxurious frames.  I found a drasticly different design that I anticipated and decided to juxtapose it over the glamour shot. Since my design was in black and white, I needed a pop color and decided on purple.  Not only does it go well with black and white but purple is a color associated with royalty.  

Once I had the images in place, I chose a simple typeface and placed black rectangles behind the individual words to make them pop out against the backdrop.  I positioned the letters on the right and the image on the left.  Overall, I think the result conveys the concept.  You can see it below. 


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