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Un-snooze me! Wake up at 7:30 Mon-Fri

Hi everybody! 

Since I could write a thousand words around this topic, I'll skip the intro/thoughts part and go straight to the point, following Tiago's steps.


1. Habit Personality Type

I am a Questioner (6), a bit Upholder (5) with a pinch of Obliger (4). Apparently I am no Rebel at all (1).Ok, that makes sense. I would even say I question a little too much...

2. Why did I sign up

Long story made short: to use my time better.

I am a designer and I have always been very well organized and punctual. But since I started freelancing 4 years ago, taking care of all the different aspects of my job besides design makes me struggle and often I fail to organize my days and be committed and consistent. When I don't have strict deadlines to dictate my schedule, I lose the focus and I end up wasting a lot of time and procrastinating. As a result, more often than I wish I am far less productive than I could be and I keep postponing things that might help me grow both professionally and personally.

I definitely need to stop procrastinating and start using my time better. I want to recreate my daily routine and since it will involve several different new habits, I need to learn the process very well.

3. Most consistent good habit in the past

I am good at keeping things organized neatly. I clean my home every two days and my workspace every evening when I am done with work. Since I am often on the move for work, I have also a few good habits related to packing and getting work stuff ready to go.


Keystone Habit: Wake up at 7:30 Monday to Friday


Since I have always been a night owl, I think this habit is the perfect test bed for me. So here's the Habit Loop template I filled in:

As you can see, I am now at day 4 and I have to say that it is going pretty good. I will write more in the next days.


Additional note (day 7):

While starting this project, I also took Tiago class on productivity – Get Things Done Like a Boss. For those of you who took that class, you know that there are a few habits to forge there too, at least for those – like me – not used to organize their days so detailed. Well, waking up early gave me some time to dedicate to that assignment, helping me taking the first steps.

I took the risk to do both things at the same time because to me they are connected: waking up early is somehow the trigger for my dayly review, while having the time to improve my productivity is on of my rewards for waking up early. This, and going to the gym daily, which I also started this week by chance (I gifted myself a gym subscription for Christmas).

Anyway, it still is just the beginning, but all this "habit-forging" thing is putting me in an awesome mood. So far so good.


Good luck with your new habits everybody!


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