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Un-Common-Wealth: COCA and Cornish Challenge How We See Seattle

Part 1: Brainstorming

COCA and Cornish join together to explore how the youth views their own back yard and the stories they tell through unconventional mediums, environments and subjects. 

Un-commonwealth and Uncommon- wealth



Dates: Oct 21-31

Part 2: Ideate

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to focus on typography and images how we see. I started to drift towards the concept of the eye, which is how we perceive visual information. I looked into the eye and the shape of it. You don't have to have the actual image of a real eye to get across the fact that its an eye. I also thought of the information and text being use to form the eye and through the video started thinking of repeating a shape and playing with the idea of repitition, rules of thirds, and typography.

Finished Project

Originally, I started with a white background but it felt too stark.

Then I moved to a more flesh tone but it seemed off.

I eventually decided upon the cyan/blue hue which worked well with the red I was trying to bring out in the COCA logo and the the color of the eye which was created with differen versions of the term "Uncommonwealth".


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