Umble Pie

Umble Pie - student project

Although most of the comments have been in favor of Mary-you-wanna, I've chosen to write Umble Pie. I just think I will have more fun with this one. 
Thanks everyone!! I got wonderful constructive criticism from you all and I look forward to developing my story!!


Never done this before, but I guess I gotta start somewhere! Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks everyone!

Umble Pie

         Odo was never invited to Lord Everard’s hunting feasts, even though he regularly tried getting on the guest list. So when he is the only witness of the sudden and unfortunate death of his invited neighbor, he presumably goes in his stead. But having never actually attended a hunting feast, he soon realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew, and must fool his way out of an embarrassing situation.



         Mary is a stay at home mom of three who is burnt out, tired, and uninspired. The furthest she’d ever traveled was a few towns over when the diaper blowout sale was on. Her husband suggests she take a solo weeklong trip to a destination of her choosing. Weary but excited about the prospect, she books her getaway. But when she accidentally boards the wrong plane at the airport, Mary finds herself in the midst of an awakening in the most unlikely of places. 



         4-year-old Danny was pretty upset after hearing his parents argue one day about something called “a doll tree”. So when his mom dragged him to the local fast food restaurant to angrily chat over coffee with her girlfriend, Danny sadly sat slumped over in the play area ball pit. The longer he sat, the louder a strange noise became, emanating from one of the tunnels. Figuring he was going to be sitting alone for a while, he ventures into the tunnel to investigate and discovers a grand adventure awaits him.