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Mallory Simonds

Graphic Designer & Animator




monday, november 4th, 2013

hey guys!

my husband and i are both graphic and motion design enthusiasts, so when we were approached to "design a music video," for a friend of ours, it seemed like a fun challenge. 

another friend of ours did the album art for the band's new album, so we're trying to keep the vibe of the video true to the design, but more importantly—true to the sound.

when the band originally asked us to do this, they said they'd just like to sit in front of the camera (in front of a green sheet) and act goofy and see what we could come up with... which seemed a little dull at first. this put a lot of weight on keeping the energy of the animation insanely high and entertaining. the video footage was really hard to work with, so we eventually pleaded our case for an actual green screen. luckily, we ended up getting access to a green screen room last week, so the rest is up to us!

here are a few screen grabs of the patterns we're working work:

with that being said, here was our first stab at trying to salvage the oh so terrible footage (that we needed to rotobrush almost every frame... yikes!)


annnnnd here's what having an actual green screen, proper lighting, a nice camera, and a sleepless night can get ya:


i know we signed up for this class veryyy late, but if anyone's still out there... we'd love to hear your thoughts before moving on!


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