Mariel Gornati

Graphic designer & Illustrator



Ultra Light typeface

Hello! I decided give this project a try: I've been trying to design fonts for a while now, and learning on my own. Skillshare has been really useful and i've learned a lot so far. 

So I decided to switch from fontlab to glyphs, and I've got to say I'm loving the interface! I'm still trying to get all the different options and all, but it's been a nice experience.

This class is very didactic and it's been helping me a lot: I'd love to have more classes like this! (for example with uppercase letters, diactrics, opentype features)...

Well, I started sketching looking for the style I was wanting...


But when I started digitalizing it, I realized that I wanted to make a really LIGHT font, so I tried to keep the shapes but made the strokes lighter.



I've made some changes on the way too, so some glyphs got to be very different.



Now I'm going to work on the spacing, any suggestions will be very appreciated!! Thank you so much!!


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