Ultra Light Beam

Ultra Light Beam - student project

Well I've been hand lettering for maybe 2 weeks now.  I have no background in it. I just love learning new things, and I hand lettering is something that can possibly be monetized.

These are my warm ups:

Ultra Light Beam - image 1 - student project

I still can't get a grip on an "O" .  Such a simple letter, but still not consistent.

Ultra Light Beam - image 2 - student project

Getting into the flow of things. Still wonky, but I love that w to h loop.  To be honest, "H's" and "M's" might be my fave letter to letter.

Ultra Light Beam - image 3 - student project

My first project was a fail, I think I rushed it.  And I still haven't found a "T" that I like to letter.

Ultra Light Beam - image 4 - student project

This is my end result.  I could have went in and filled some of the shaky spots in, but for 2 weeks, I think it's a good look. I actually gridded out the lines in pencil like taught in the last minutes of the last lesson.  I'm hooked. Of course, I will keep practicing

Thanks for the class :)

Chrystani Heinrich
Trying to unlock my millenial powers...