• Target Audience: Anyone who's interested in teen fiction in general, wanderlust, and independence. People with great passion for dreams, and adventure on the way.
  • Blurb: With a little digging in the past along with some current events, a real struggle is unraveled. A little freedom, and a room for one's dreams, are all what Ambrosia Alexander is seeking. Will she put up a good fight with her parents? Will she give it all up? Or will she come up with a compromise? Meanwhile, will love and friendship be of any use? 
  • Note: This's an ongoing story on Wattpad. Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/43087509-ultimate 
  • Link to the song on the written chapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hts6PzULHSY

                                                       Chapter One 

I feel so tiny, waking around the house. Back in Korea I stayed in a small apartment on a walk-able distance from school. I never really walked though, I rode my bike. Now it feels weird to walk around a house in which the distance between two rooms equals the distance I had to cover to go to school in Korea.  But really, everything feels weird. For instance, I was so tempted to take off my shoes, walking in the house, and then I realized that I didn't have to do that anymore. 

Living there, in Korea I mean, was so simple. I went to school, had a part time job in a pastry shop, and shared my rental apartment with an amazing roommate. Ha-neul is her name which means 'sky' she told me. She's a college student, straight A's, and she has the cutest face in the world. I miss her already. I spent a single year in Korea, but that didn't make bidding her goodbye any easier.

I walk in the living room, turn the TV on, and drop my butt on the coach. I flick from channel to channel, and finally settle on some cartoon. I don't know it's name, but it'll do the needed distraction. That only lasts until my mother decides to join me. Why is she even still here? Shouldn't she be at work? It's 2 pm. 

"Hey, sweetheart." she seats herself next to me. 

"Hi." I mutter, not turning my eyes from the screen. 

I feel her shift next to me, and position herself to look at the TV as well. "So, are you excited for school tomorrow?" 

"Of course." I answer, rolling my eyes so hard that I almost saw my brain. 

We sit in silence for a couple of minutes then she sighs, turns to look at me, and says with her faded Latin accent  "Well, at least tell me how it was like in Korea."

"I figured you'd have know everything by now." I now turn to look at her, making sure she gets what I'm implying; she had people tracking my every move for God's sake. Life is much better when you have just enough money. I mean, it's possible to have enough money, right? Now that she's loaded, she goes around throwing her money at people for stupid things such as this. 

"I only did that because I was worried about you!" Worried about me? Or to prove that she has control over me even all the way in a different continent. 

"Then why do you want me to tell you anything then? Who are you playing right now?" I'm aware that the last part was mean, but behaving was never the plan. 

I watch her erect from her seat in a blink, and look back at TV, indifferently. I hear some scolding words coming from her mouth, but I'm not listening intently to make out what exactly. I'm done with this conversation. 

When she finally gets the hint, she adjusts her white  pencil skirt, slings her Hermes  matte black bag over her shoulder, and runs for the door (Or at least that's what I like to think she did).

I sit in place for about two hours, watching nothing specific. I had been trying to avoid every single thought that tried to make its way to my head, but there's no way to escape them now, especially when I have to be in school in countable hours.

 A knot forms in my chest as the thoughts of school parade in my brain. The thoughts are mostly of my friends. I think I should've called them as soon as I returned, but how  can I, really? I don't know how I'll explain things to them, cause when shit goes down, every explanation just sounds like another excuse. But aren't they the same thing, anyway? My friends are fully aware of my situation with my parents, but I bet that wouldn't make much difference in my defense. 

That's it. I will avoid them at school, and if I ever run into them, I won't make the first move and talk to them... I'm going crazy. How is that ever going to work? I'm in a freaking boarding school. This though, brings us to a question: Why did my parents enroll me in a boarding school if they're pretty much the control freaks? Well, I chose to go to a boarding school solely because my parents won't let me move out. It took a hell lot of reasoning to finally convince them that my choice wasn't one bit contradicting their 'awesome' plan for my future, so they eventually agreed which was nearly impossible. Now another question is: Why can't they just let me move out? I'm nineteen. They're never really home, so I know that, this is not a matter of family connection that we have to keep or anything. They spend their time walking out of a meeting room and into another. On holidays, they host huge parties in the house, only to enhance their relations with chairmen, and women, and all these sort of people. We never gather for small family dinners, or do anything that's family-like, not that I expect them to anymore, but why can't they just let me go? 

I can't just stay in the house all day long, drenched in my thoughts like that. Where to go though? At a time like that, I'd be on my way to Elliot's house or Sydney's or... Julian's. 

I leave my seat, and ascent to my room, leaving no room for anymore thoughts. Fetching my keys, I turn immediately to leave the room, before I change my mind. I don't even bother to change my sweatpants or t-shirt. If my mother was here, I'd be having earfuls. But she's not. In fact, the house is almost empty, except for two maids: Lillian, and another young-looking girl; I think the latter is new. 

I jump in my car,  insert the key in the ignition, and the car roars to life. I open the glove compartment in the dashboard, and rummage throw it to find my aux cable. I pull it out from the tangled mess, plug one end to the stereo and the other to my iPod, and soon Heaveydirtysoul by Twenty One Pilots blasts on a high volume. Now has the car warmed up a little, I change gear to drive, and drive down the long aisle that leads to the front gate to the house.

I light a cigarette to kill off the nervousness, but it doesn't help the slightest whatsoever. Yes, I'm nervous. What if I run into someone? I don't know how they'd react. I don't know how I'd react. Did I make the right decision, leaving the house? I can't believe it. I just made the most insignificant decision-if I could even call it that- and here I am, already regretting it. 

I don't know where to go, so I think of the first word that pops up in my head: Street. Really? That's so helpful, I mock my own thought. Okay, I'll give it another shot. First word... King. King street. That's it; I'm headed to king street.

I make a couple of turns, and finally find myself in my destination. Driving down it, I get overwhelmed by the amount of buildings and shops that are constructed on the finely paved King street. The fact that it's really crowded irritates me so much, but then again, this is the most upmarket shopping area in Manchester. How could it not be, really?

My eyes spot a good parking space, and I drive straight to it, deciding to walk about a little bit. I adjust my car in the parking spot, unfasten the seat belt, and step out of the car. I make sure the car is locked before letting myself mold in the increasing mass of the crowd. I walk aimlessly, eyeing everything around me like a lost child who's taken aback by their surroundings. 

After a good two hours of aimless walking, I jade. Looking for somewhere to sit, I find myself colliding into someone, and stop in my track. Looking up to apologize, I fall short on words as my eyes recognize the person right in front of me. Amanda. 

The look of shock on my faces is identical to the one on hers. We stand there for what I think are ten seconds, but feel like ten years, as the crowd continues to come and go in full swing around us.

I don't know when this happened, but I find myself clutched in her embrace, and my consternation soothes. I wrap my arms around her, and feel like I'm about to start sobbing. I don't know whether if I feeling like sobbing because of the impact of the shock or because this might mean that I'm still accepted among them, but I won't, nonetheless. 

"What are you doing here? And how come I never hear from you for all that time? Amy, you don't know how perplexed you got us all when you decided to bail on us, all of a sudden. And not to mention the two weeks from hell Julian gave us when you left." and she goes on and on, and she isn't going to stop anytime soon, so I have to cut her off. It's now or never. 

"Do you know some place where we can sit, I had been walking for over two ours."

"Oh really? and I had been shopping for five. But yeah I know somewhere, not too far from here, in fact it's only two blocks from here. Let's go." I observe her face. Her behavior. Everything. She hasn't changed one bit which contradicts my belief that one year is enough to change someone utterly. However, that's not important now. I'm glad that she's still the same Amanda, I left. 

We reach a small, cozy looking cafe exactly two blocks from where we were just standing, and I'm finally thankful to sit down. I find the fact of me getting all that weary from - not walking. More like, sauntering for two hours, quite amusing. 

Amanda and I, we talk for hours. Mostly about Korea, and the fact that I was living on my own which got her overly excited even though she's not so obsessed with the idea as I am. I mean, her parents are awesome. Why would she ever want to leave? If her parents were mine -and don't get me wrong; I'm not being envious or anything- I'd never leave until one of us leaves this world. I ask her if she's still on with Brandon, and she confirms that they are. The fact that they have been together for two years straight, warms my heart, and confuses me at the same time. I don't how someone could date another for that long. I had been in a couple of relationships before, but the longest went on for like, five month. But I think, it's just me. I mean, my parents have been together for as long as could remember, and not to mention that their marriage was planned. Maybe love complicates things, after all. But then again, there're Amanda and Brandon. Could my parents still be out of love? Or could time possibly have a say in this matter? 

"But really now, why did you leave?" Amanda asks. Apparently my reasons weren't enough for her to absorb the fact that I had to. But honestly, I can't blame her. The whole thing turned out to be feckless. 

"I just thought that, maybe that would change them, make them trust me to take control of my own future, and live my life the way I want to, but it all was just a change of scenes to make me realize that nothing is going to change, that it's way too late for that to ever happen." as I speak these words, I look anywhere and everywhere, but hers. I feel like if I do, she'd be seeing through me. I don't want my feelings to be so vulnerable. I trust Amanda, but there's only one person in this world with whom I never fear having my feelings exposed, but he's not here right now. 


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