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Uh!, i might have kill someone

I start to say I am not an illustrator, even though as a child I wanted to be comic artist, I finally studied architecture and worked on it for four years.
A few months ago I'm traveling for New Zealand and I've started drawing again in the beginning were just sketches in a notebook then i try to resolve more detail.
on a visit to a park redwood trees i took a picture looking above and i saw the light hitting the branches and making a beautiful contrast.
then i picture a female character escaping maybe or just into something strange so here you go...


The first sketch i made in my notebook and then the second one to fit in a A4 size.

and then i made this study of the birds and the girl because i'm not used to draw human figure in that kind of perspective.

...and the final inking made in a 9'' x 12'', 207 gsm paper with two watercolour brushes and indian ink.


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