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Francis Chouquet

I draw letters




Hi everyone, Hi Mackey,

My project will be about a startup that shares offices with a bags producer where they have factory and shop. My project is not directly a shop but I found it interesting to work on a company that shares office with another brand which is selling bags. It is actually really famous in Switzerland, it is called FREITAG.

The name of the startup is Ubercurious. They work with social medias. They provide surveys, metrics and data visualization.

I thought it would be interesting to create a logo that brings its own identity, related to social medias. Here is the first draft. I did not do any other sketch before this one. That may be a mistake regarding of the videos of the class. But on that example, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. So I have no early sketches to show. Sorry about that :-/


From that sketch I already see things to change, like the B and spaces between letters. I plan to watch the last video today and I know it talks about space to it should be interesting :-) I will post another sketch before going on vectorization. It is interesting to see that Mackey goes quickly on Illustrator et do a lot of changes there where other designers prefer having a perfect sketch.

I will try to post a new version within few days. Don't hesitate if you have questions or remarks :-)

Update 16/07/2015

Here is the final version, vectorized. Feedback is welcomed ;-) 



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