Uber logo refinement

Uber logo refinement - student project

The new Uber logo is something I thought of revising when I took this class, so here is my process. This is the current logo:

Uber logo refinement - image 1 - student project

Personally, I thought their previous logotype was fine (although their icon wasn't great). But I believe they created this new one to be more approachable, as the old one was cold, and I think the overall redesign of their website and marketing campaign looks great. But I find this logo very plain and somewhat weak, so I first started with some simple tweaks:

Uber logo refinement - image 2 - student project

This is the first iteration. My revisions:

1) Increased line weight to emphasize the story of "reliability." The previous line weight is very thin when scaled down, which is how you would see it on the smartphone icon and on a lot of their advertisements.

2) Spaced out the letters for the same reason of legibility. It looks very cramped.

3) Increased the width of the letter "R" since it looks very thin compared to the rest of the letters. I tried to keep the arc consistent with the other letters.

Uber logo refinement - image 3 - student project

I wanted to see how the "U" would look like without its little tail. I was not a fan of the whole upperlowercase deal. I think it looks fine just as is, and Uber could use this logo if they wanted to keep with the clean, approachable, safe direction.

Uber logo refinement - image 4 - student project

This is the final direction which I prefer since it's just a little more interesting than the others (: I removed the tails/stems of all the letters to keep a consistent aesthetic across the letters (kind of the same approach to adding the tail to the U but the opposite direction).


I appreciated the small exercise on this logo, even though it is really simple and only has a few letters. What is your favorite iteration? Let me know your thoughts!