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Alonso Loera

UX/UI Designer, Strategist & Semi-Pro Doodler



UX/UI Design Portfolio

Site I Admire:  http://an.thony.co.uk/

This portfolio is a single page, and has all of the designer's most exemplary projects posted front and center. It even has a number of project concepts and IxD case studies that the designer explores, maybe catching the attention of clients looking for new ways to showcase interactivity for their web and mobile products. This inspires me to do the same.

Favorite Page:  http://thony.co.uk/process.html


The designer's inclusion of his work flow and thought process is well displayed, and seeks to inform potential clients or employers how he thinks and progresses with his ideation. I aim to do the same.

Success of the Site:

I feel it is a successful site because it is clear that designer gets to the point of what he does and how he does it, and the whole package that he brings to a client/employer within the UX design function. I would scale the images down a bit, as they are on the large side, but overall, this is a solid exhibition.


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