Joel Aguero

Designer & Developer



UX, UI, and Product Design for Young Professionals

Mission Statement Ideas

1. Guide, inspire, and teach young adults interested in UX, UI, and product design. 

2. Teach professionals how to leverage design thinking in their everyday lives. 

3. Find, summarize, and evaluate cutting edge design tools, trends, and content.

I think #1 is my favorite for my first channel. I'd like to make another channel about #3. 

Content Strategy Principals

  1. Shareability: Has a friend who would benefit from it; wants to establish themselves as domain experts; wants followers on Twitter. 
  2. Conversation: Come to it like a mentor. 
  3. Interactivity: Ask what topics people want me to cover; people or perspectives they want to hear from? Ask for resources. 
  4. Consistency: Once per week, every Saturday?
  5. Targeting: Young adults (late high school or throughout college)
  6. Sustainability: Pretty easy to create; talking head mostly. 
  7. Discoverability: Targeting queries related to learning things.
  8. Accessibility: Make videos bite-sized and self-contained. Make them feel welcomed.
  9. Collaboration: Fireside chats with other young designers.
  10. Inspiration: Yes this is something I want to do. I like helping young adults break into the field and have experience mentoring them already.


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