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Momen Zakaria

Senior UX Designer & Front-End Developer



UX Designer & Writer ..

Hello mates,

I love to share my first project in Skillshare and love to hear feedback :)

What am I good at:

  1. UX designs for the web and mobile application.
  2. Handwriting logos and names.
  3. Writing Arabic articles.
  4. Front-End coding for visual designs.

How am I want to be spending your days:

  1. Learning new stuff and check the web for new techniques.
  2. Exploring problematic issues with my code.
  3. Arrange my daily tasks.

What I want to produce:

  1. I want to be a good UX'er and coder.
  2. Writing good articles about design and front-end stuff.

How others will benefit from working with me:

Actually this is the hardest part to be answered, I would love to to hear thoughts about this

and how I will make them know about my services

I have a website you can check it: www.imomen.com

Also I'm a have a good standing social profiles:

Instagram / LinkedIn / Behance / About.me / Pinterest


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