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UX Design: Petrophysical Water Saturation Web App

This would be the start of a project idea. I might present a second. Both are pro bono ideas that have not been fully sold as ideas or projects to work on. If the idea as represented roughly  is accepted by some of my contacts then the idea would be developed with people engaged. With the connections being made then hopefully a true UX exercise with representative clients will ensue.

Here is the attempted storyboard. Possible project being to create a web application to help Geoscientists or Petrophysicists to calculate water saturations within geological formation.



Crazy 8 exercise - Created after talking over the above storyboard with one person. I like the middle row. To the left is almost an equation order but certain logic will be made automatically with certain buttons selected; the middle and right have a log as reference which is nice but perhaps not practical when many are input. There needs to be some discussion and playing to determine if more needs to be added to allow for options in calculation or if assumptions are to be made.



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