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I started a UX design blog (http://www.jessicatiao.com/blog) 2 years ago. I usually average 2 - 3 high-quality blog posts a year. Sometimes, I write half-baked blog posts. I know that I can do better. I want to write better blog posts. 

Why do I want to be a better blogger?

  • Become known as a thought leader within the user experience design field
  • Double traffic by increasing # of blog posts/month and improving the quality of the posts
  • Challenges within UX are limitless. With gnarly legacy code to wrangle, complex requirements to manage, and results to deliver - I need a place to document these experiences. I want to document each experience in detail so that I can share them with other UX Designers and so that I can refer back to them for future projects. 
  • Need an outlet to write and create

Who will be reading the blog?


  1. design-centric creatives in the tech space
  2. aspiring or practicing UX Designers, Product Designers, User Researchers
  3. men and women in their 20s to 40s
  4. moderate - high incomes
  5. interested in UX design and UI design
  6. they love anything to do with design processes, design teams, UX systems, user research, usability, data-informed design, and lean UX. 

What's my blog's style?

The blog is: 

  • down-to-earth, relatable 
  • young
  • eloquent
  • insightful

It's NOT: 

  • bland / drab
  • clumsy
  • 1-dimensional
  • cliche

SMART Goals - all by end of 2016

  1. Adapt posts from my blog to publish at least one article in Smashing Magazine 
  2. Drive at least 100 unique page views per month onto blog
  3. Be invited to at least 1 mega-UX blog 

Brand Statement

JT's UX Blog is a creative and smartly-written blog.

It focuses on publishing content about user experience design, usability and product design to aspiring and seasoned UX designers. 

The blog explores UX and UI design with a special focus on making software more human.  


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