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Bonny Colville-Hyde

User Experience Architect



UX Comics: Creating Effective User Experience Documentation

Basic class overview:

This class will teach you the fundamental skills of making comics to communicate user experiences. You'll learn simple techniques to identify stories, draw basic characters and plot these into comic panels. Comics are a unique but universal tool to communicate user experiences with a wide variety of stakeholders. The key difference between standard comics and a UX comic is that the UX comic is based on real user behaviour that's been identified from research, and its not simply a 'story' about users.

The class project will guide you through the process of taking user research material and transforming it into a storyline that can be used to make a comic. We'll cover off how to structure your story into comic panels, and how to illustrate basic user interactions in a very human way - with drawings!

You do not need to be a skilled artist to take part in this class, but you will need some basic knowledge of user experience (UX) techniques and methodology to make the most of it.


My video outline is here (its work in progress!):



This class will be based on two different presentations/workshops I run at conferences. Its a mix between an hour long talk and a 2 hour workshop.


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