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This is my final design. For the stripe design, I chose to go with navy stripes for the shorts and sleeves. It would be a very subtle pattern, so the stripes would not be that light. Unfortunately, the subtle design I was aiming for does not translate well onto my drawing. I also chose to go with the double swoosh but that they be something I should have reconsidered. Would love some feedback. 

Here are more designs.

US National Team Mood Board

DC United henley style jersey. One of my favorite kits of all time.

These 3 shirts above are both from Man United and Arsenal. I really like these because of their use of stripes. Stripes are something I really ant to incorporate into my kit.

The 2 shirts above I like because of their style of collar as well as the design which is also seen on the cuffs of the sleeves.

I really like the polo style for soccer jerseys. The top jersey offers an oppotunity to add even more style to an already classic design.

This last jersey is one of my favorite USA kits. I became a real die hard fan while they wore this kit and I still cant forget that emotional tie in Azteca. Id like to commemorate this team and this kit in some way.

Below is a sample of one design I have already drawn up.

For my project, I wanted to continue the very retro look for the US men's national team, but with much the same aesthetic Nike has given to kits for France. I designed a very simple polo and kept the new centennial crest. I really liked the idea of incorporating stripes in new ways so I added a stripe design above what looks like a pocket but really is not. As the drawing says, the stripe design would be much thinner. The stripe design, though not exactly the same, pays homage to the 98 world cup qualifying team. A minute stripe design, 13 red and white stripes, would also adorn both sleeves. The shorts also keep my stripe theme. Watermarked style stripes would make up the short. I have even thought of going with pinstripes which I think might look really good. Obviously the jersey would be comprised of a navy blue color which the colored pencils I used dont capture. Let me know what you think?

For this design, I thought of how cool it would be if the Pro Combat football aesthetic made the jump into soccer. Inspired by the Oregon Ducks uniforms, I mocked up a design for my favorite team, the United States National Team. The most obvious elements from the Duck uniforms are the uniform template itself as well as the wings although obviously the US would use eagle wings. I thought about about extending the wings down the sleeves for celebration purposes to mimic an eagle in full flight, but for now I stuck with what you see on my sketch. As for the jersey itself, it would be more form fitting since it would be after all a soccer jersey. For the badge, I stuck with with new centennial crest since I think it is a more attractive crest than their official crest. Red and blue bands would adorn the shoulders/sleeves of a white jersey while the back would include a silhouette of stripes much like what USA Basketball did with their Olympics unis. A silhouette of the American flag would also be seen on the undershirt as seen on my sketch. A very cool element with Pro Combat are the gloves but since you cant really use gloves with a soccer uni I decided to incorporate the decorative effect of the gloves by using a similar design element in the socks. Each sock therefore is comprised of half a star which becomes a complete star when players stand with their legs closer together. Tapered red and white stripes stem from the half star. Let me know what you think. 


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