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US economy


I found this class really interesting but much more difficult than I thought. 

I think I spent way too long on the idea stage and trying to be too clever and didnt think enough about composition and technique. 

I boiled down the article I picked to just that the growth percentage had been revised. My ideas were based around the imagery of changing and altering figures. I also played around with different ways of measuring things, so rulers and scales etc. 


The final idea I chose was the idea that they had got the growth figure initially wrong and that the economy was growning faster than they thought. 

I symbolised this with the US economy growing out of its clothes. I wanted the rulers and lines to represent the way parents measure how their child has grown by putting a mark on the wall (well in my house anyway) and to visualise the actual act of measuring the economy. 

I like the ideas and the imagery I came up with but really struggled with the size of the box and big to scale things and the best technique to use. I think it just looks too messy and doesnt really fit with the article. But anyway here is my final illustration. 




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