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US covered bridges

My project will show the basic structural systems of a covered bridge using examples of bridges constructed in the mid-nineteenth century.

My challenge is making this information interesting to a broad audience. Many people seem to associate covered bridges with their rural setting and may see them as simple, or conversely, their designs are too technical a subject to appeal to people not interested in lengthy engineering descriptions.

I'm considering framing the story as covered bridges being a solution to the problem of spanning large distances over water in the nineteenth century. The resulting bridges can be seen as impressive works of engineering and craftsmanship. 

I don't want the animation to be very long, maybe 2:30. 

I have documented covered bridges throughout the US working for a program in the National Park Service that documents historic architecture and engineering structures. Our drawings are available to the public through the Library of Congress.  I'd like to explore ways we could share what we've learned through animation, as well as show some of the 3D models we constructed.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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