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US Open Tennis

Before this class, I knew some of the basics of Illustrator, but this class has helped me learn a lot of the short cuts and a much greater understanding of the program. My confindence on using the program has grown more since this class. 

I'm currently watching the US Open Tennis games and thought I should base my first project on the tournament. I am a big tennis fan! And while working on this Serena Williams has won her 18th Grand Slam title! I simiply choose the 2013 poster over the 2014 because I liked it more. 

So far, I have used mainly shapes and the pathfinder tool for the poster. I've used the pen tool for the curved buildings because I had a hard time making circles out of them. Any feedback is welcome and Day 3 will have more details on the poster.



Day 1 and Day 2:


I used the pen tool for the details on the tennis ball. And I used the line tool to make the windows on the building, controlling the stroke size. A lot of duplication and holding the ALT key today ;)

Day 3: 


Today I finally put in the flaming tennis ball using the pen tool. I didn't use the ellipse tool because I had trouble making the shape. I also put in some of the original colors on the poster. I had trouble using the gradient tool because I still don't know how to get the faint color in the background, I'll try to play around with it in the next session. 

Day 4:



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