US Economic Growth on the up - Peter Clayton

Hello everyone!

So here are my initial scribbles. All my ideas begin this rough. I like to work quickly and get everything onto paper and out of my head.


Then a little refinement for the "art director" ;)


The common consensus was that number 2 was the best. It was one of the stronger options in mind too as it's focus was not only about the subject of growth but also the reasons behind the increase.

Here is the ink work.I predominately work in ink and a brush, I love the character of it. Plus I think the brush leaves an element of the creator behind in the marks. If you think it looks a little bit jumbled that's because it is :)  I do usually draw things sepratley and then piece them together afterwards in Photoshop. That's the designer in me. Always wanting to tinker :)


Now the final render. My work is usually flat colour so it was nice to experiment with different textures and juxtaposed elements.


The element of me in the piece are the birds. I love drawing birds. I'm not a bird watcher or anything it's just something I like to do. This is quite novel for me to add this into a piece of work, as predominantly the design work I do is purely about the clients. So it's refreshing to do this and to be allowed to do this. Feel like an artist :)

Here it in situ...


Anyway I'd be interested to know what you all think, it's certainly been a good learning curve and I've learnt some skills I hope to take through to future projects! I might even do the other two articles as well, as I have some ideas rattling around my head for those ones also.

The Flower Power Article

Slightly over my 3 day deadline but i've been a bit under the weather. But here it is, my version of the flower power article illustration. This piece focuses on the potential that this technological advancement has for the future.


And here is the final article this time for the turkey one! Whilst it may of seemed that the US Economy article might have been the more difficult choice I actually struggled with this one the most :) I hope you like it. 


I've really enjoyed this course and many thanks to Ed for the help and guidance throughout!




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