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"I have an affection for a great city.  I feel safe in the neighborhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I began to take pictures.... pictures that were not necessarlity 'pretty' in the expectedl way, but they had  a story to tell. The more I travelled, my little DSLR on my side, became my companion, I at times saw things through its eyes, my pictures told me stories and gave me food for thought, long after the journey had ended. It made me reitterate ideas, it made me rethink my notions and retell many inetersting accounts.

Through this photo essay, I want to show the effect a city can have. How different each city can be and yet be the same. Urban life, with all its livliness and flurry, is the hearbeat, the pulse, the lifeline ....a city is glorious and as Saint Augstine said in City of God, 'Every city is a living body'.


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