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This set of images speaks to the things that have inspired me this season--urban decay & neutral tones mixed with military styling. The reason I chose these particular images was to display my model's outfit, show close detail in fabrics and give a sense of movement & fun to the whole set. I used Lightroom 5 and Kodak Portra 400+ from VSCO Film 01 to edit the images. Enjoy!



I'm feeling inspired by military-styled parkas, chunky sweaters and all-around comfortable fall fashion from this year. 

The flow of a parka or cardigan will be a nice touch to shots of my model walking. And the versatility of an outfit similar to the ones on my board will allow me to place my model in a natural or urban setting. I'll be thinking about how both my location and the model's wardrobe compliment each other through tones, mood and overall feel. 


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