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URBAL - Us   Reflecting Balance And Life

Location: California

Established: 2006; Reinvented: 2013


DAVID SANSON - Born the same year as hip hop, David found his passion for the culture in 1981 when he did his first backspin. 2006 marked the year that he decided to create a brand that reflected this culture. With the addition of his wife and 3 children, balancing his family and passion has been an interesting life. November marks his graduation day with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. That will set the tone for the launch of the brand "URBAL." With the addition of graff writer / graphic designer, Duston Machado, the ideas and designs have multiplied exponentially. US. A word that defines strength with numbers. A word that is hip hop and street culture.

DUSTON MACHADO - was born in 1983 in San Luis Obispo, California. Within that short stay, Duston relocated to Sacramento California, where he was raised by his mother in distressed neighborhoods. Duston quickly found an outlet to express his individuality through graffiti. As priorities of being a father and a change in motivation, Duston started learning how to turn his graffiti pieces into shirts. So, to this day Duston uses street culture as an outlet of self expression with the intentions of unity among those who share the same passions and lifestyle.

Us - A word that embodies "togetherness"; being a part of something that is larger than "I" or "me".

Reflecting - We are influenced by our surroundings. Our brand is a platform that reflects our inspirations. 

Balance And Life - Rooted by the elements of hip-hop, our brand reaches out through the branches of street culture. After time, branches grow and drop leaves. The leaves symbolize lifestyles, with not one leaf being identical to another.

Our designs are geared to the purists and admirers of HIP HOP | URBAN streetwear culture. Our goal is to appeal to the 21 - 45 year old market, making our apparel attainable for all walks of life. Shirts will be sold at $22 (retail) and hoodies will be $35 (retail). Our cut and sew track jackets will be $60 (retail). We are in the process of constructing beanies, socks, ties, iPhone covers, scratchpad covers, backpacks and bookbags.



Cut & Sew (2013)


Previous Designs:  Bay Love (2007)

Make your own camo: (P. Casiano)

Painting by: Duston Machado

Hiero Day 2012

Oakland, CA



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