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UPDATES: Bed Styling


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I have been working on my bedroom for quite some time. Thank goodness for this class because it forced me to finish and now I LOVE it! I am definitely a minimal bed person. I don't like a lot of pillows and prefer it to look clean and crisp. I will try the maximal and messy styling technique for someone else's place or a project. I like the way the messy looks in photos.  

I only have one plant in my home which is really sad. lol I moved it from the living room and I think the vase works better in the bedroom, so more shopping for botanicals to come. The night table I purchased ended up being rather small. I like to use furnishings in an unexpected way so I used a side chair to hold my books and magazines. My goal was to really play up textures by pairing the chenille headboard with the patterned coverlet, knitted blanket and lace placemat on the night table. I added bling with the brass on the vintage table lamp and the mirrored top of the night table. I will add a small throw pillow as well, I just haven't found the right one yet.

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I don't actually have a coffee table, it's been on the 'to-buy' list for quite some time. I did realize that I had an African stool that I wasn't really using that could act as a coffee table. From the video, I liked the idea of using more blankets so that came in handy with turning the stool into a table. I also realized that I need a lot more pillows and accessories! It became quite hard towards the end to find enough pieces to style with. I will have to go shopping for more soon. Well, here we go...

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My console is pretty small. I think I will invest in a larger piece in the near future. Again, the idea of using more blankets has given me life. =) This is my grandmother's chair and I haven't had time to reupholster it, so I used a scarf like you would a blanket to dress the fabric up a bit. I also had to use my flokati pillow from my sofa for this photo. The problem is, now I really love it in the chair! I think I'm going to shop for more pillows for my sofa instead.

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source: http://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/bris-house-makeover/

There's so much goodness in this interior. This is one of my favorites from the past month. It is completely put together perfectly.

NEEDS: The sofa and shelving unit are the functional pieces in the room. Sofa for sitting and shelving unit for storage.

SHAPE: The round ottoman, pouf and side table balance the straight lines of the sofa, coffee table and shelving unit.

COLOR: The color is so intentional in this space and there's actually not much of it. Color was added through the sofa, pillows, ottoman, lamp, lounge chair and art.

PATTERN: The pattern in the room comes from the throw pillows, floor cushion and area rug. I like that all of the patterns are differenct shapes...you have stripes, grids and geometric shapes that all work well together.

TEXTURE: The texture is added trough the fluffy rug and pillow. I also think of the wood as a texture, it grounds the vibrant colors in the space.

PLACEMENT: I love the placement of the books on top of the shelving unit. That space could have easily been forgotten but it adds height to the room. The items on the coffee table are a nice grouping too.

BLING: There's not much bling but there are a few brass accents...the fortune cookie on the side table, the coffee table base and the ottoman. Also, the glass jar on the coffee table is a bit of bling too.

BOTANICALS: I love the different heights of plants. I have to say I would have never thought to do the grouping of plants like this indoors. It almost turns into a collection.


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