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UPDATED - second try at a pattern!

I gave this project a second try with a new pattern! (You can see my original post below...) I've had a lot of fun trying it out, playing with different shapes and colors (these flowers actually weren't sketched, they were made while I was experimenting with the "shape builder" tool in illustrator - colors were developed using the adobe kuler tool and the color guide in illustrator - both of those tools were ones I learned about in a skillshare class from brad woodard, I'll definitely be having more fun with them in the future!). Still some repitition that I see now and didn't see before, but I'm enjoying the process, and for me that has been my #1 goal. Here are the elements:

The original square

Put into a repeat (actually by using a swatch - not by copying/lining them up:

And on a cell phone case! yay!

Still lots of fun, I can't wait to try more! :)



I've always been a writer, and have worked with awesome designers, so I never really had the confidence to try it for myself. Recently I got a new job where I am able to do both writing AND design. I'm finding I really love design work, and am wishing I had the confidence to start doing it sooner. :) My skills may not be the greatest just yet, but I am so very proud of my first design! Thank you Elizabeth for explaining everything so well and in an encouraging way! Here is how the process went for me:

It started with me trying to create a mood board. I wasn't sure where to start, but I have a picture on my mousepad  that is special to me. It's one that I took (a totally lucky capture!) of a dragonfly landing on a rosebud. I started with that one on my moodboard, then went to collect other images that express movement, etc. (and panicked, and thought to myself why am I even doing this, I can't even collect a mood board right!) but then chilled out, and came up with this:

After that, I made some doodly sketches (and had a few more self-doubt meltdowns), photographed them, and emailed them to myself:

Then, I brought them into Illustrator and traced them (mostly using the Pen tool), and played with some colors as well. I had a few more self-doubt meltdowns, but then I also went through two of Brad Woodard's Skillshare classes about Illustrator and learned a TON!! I applied what I learned from that class and this one to create my very first pattern! Here it is in its original format:

and here is repeated in 3 squares x 2 rows

The pink butterflies are lining up a bit too much for me, I wanted a more random look - but I'm ok with it for now. I really enjoyed the process and learned SO, SO MUCH. Plus I gained a ton of confidence for doing it again in the future. Eventually I will tweak it and figure out how to put it onto a product mockup, but I was very excited about actually completing the project, and wanted to share ASAP. :) Thanks again, Elizabeth, for a wonderfully-taught class!!


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