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UPDATED WATERCOLOR - Inspiration Antoinette

Second H2O. More happy with my sketches than the H2O color. Why? ... Glitter will be next - hopefully it will add definition. Maybe I need to be adding more water to make it 'floaty'?

OK- first watercolor. My thoughts are I wish the color was a bit 'brighter'- it looks a little crayon/muddy to me. Maybe some glitter will help ah?

Think I could have gotten a bit better on the arch of her back? Would love input on sketch #1. Does anyone else have "Blank page fear"? Crazy but if i don't 'just start' - i will never start out of fear of what? Ruining the paper (I have tons of it), it coming out bad (I just start over it's not the end of the world) Truly fear of the paper is real! 

For this wonderful class (yes, I'm running behind-please don't forget me!) I am feeling greatly inspired by a whispy-waisted Marie Antoinette. 

Flowers - large and small

Structured fit combined with flowy skirts


Strong details that seem to melt in to the frock


Sketches will be next and I can't wait to move on to the watercolors.  I notice that many students are graphic designers or creative directors... a little intimidating i'll admit... to a finance manager! Here we go!


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