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UPDATED: To Paris With Love: Design a Romantic, French-Inspired Digital Collage Tag

I've updated this to include some of my tips and marketing information.

Here is the information on my course:

Course introduction video:


I ordered a $5 promo audio from Smokin' Joe Boxer on He has done great work for me in the past. Just supply him a 30 second script and the royalty free music snippet, and he can turn it around in a day or so. I just added that to my Powerpoint slides to create my into video.

For those that may not want to shell out $300 for Camtasia right away, I'd suggest using CamStudio, a free alternative. Make sure that you download it from CNET though, as some of the other downloads contain unnecessary additional software that you don't want.


Enjoy a bit of Paris without ever leaving home!

In this class we will create a French-inspired digital tag measuring 2.5” wide x 3.0” high. The tag design will incorporate multiple layers and PhotoShop techniques, and features vintage imagery, as well as watercolor and texture effects.

Once you have mastered the techniques covered, they can easily be translated into stationery, greeting cards, art prints and much more.

A Bit About Traci:
Traci has over 25 years' experience in advertising and market research. After running her own boutique creative agency for over a decade, she decided to pursue her design passions full time.

She is a true nerdy girl with a passion to create! She's a huge fan of vintage style, pop culture, funky socks, hockey, and wine — just not necessarily in that order. Traci scouts out dark and dusty corners the world over, and gives them new life in her own creations, and as stock resources for other creative folks.

You can connect with Traci on Facebook here:


How I've Marketed this Course:
In addition to posting to my own Facebook timeline (lots of family and friends are sharing that), I've shared this on my existing business page, as well as a page for one of the marketplaces I sell from. I went with a boosted Facebook post this week for my video, so we'll see what that yields. Finally, the site owner of the marketplace is giving me one dedicated newsletter mailing, so I am very excited for that added exposure. Below is the screen capture of the newsletter that is going out.



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