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_UPDATED_SoFly Universal shipping - a galactic funk delivery logo

UPDATE 4/14/13 I had some freetime this morning and decided to refine the SoFly "shield" logo. Would love feedback if available.

UPDATE 4/13/13

 I started refining logo #2 in illustrator to get a better idea of how the "wings" would look on the space cargo hull.

This version was tweaked a bit to give that extra bit of inertia.

4/12/13 A rough and tough logo that can stand up to lightyears of abuse. The So Fly Universal Shipping company will ship anything anywhere...for a price. This logo and branding is going to be rendered in a retro science fiction style with some subtle references to trucking signage of our terran past

Looking forward to throwing these sketches into illustrator and bringing the bling to this concept.


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