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UPDATED & PUBLISHED Bavarian Baking - Christmas Cookies

Hey everyone! 

I offer 10 free enrollments, so get one before they are gone --> http://skl.sh/2eqXH8m

I'm Susanne from Germany and I would love to share with you the "ancient" recipes I learned from my Grandmother. Since I was little, she did it in the exact same order and I was her best (and only) student.
I think she would be proud if she knew that I am going to share her wisdom with the whole world, especially YOU here on skillshare.

Waiting for you in class: recipes, ingredients, process directions, cutters, wrapping and storing suggestions.

THE CLASS IS LIVE NOW!!! watch it here: http://skl.sh/2equzQt

I got the written work done completely,

need to do:

- shopping for needed ingredients.

What do you think? Would you like to join in?


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