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UPDATED: Green Planet Heroes

Update 4:

Made "project update" text field, "edit," and "delete" buttons all conditional. Added formatting. Fixed annoying bug in which heroku wouldn't recognize an existing db table.

Update 3:

Added a basic Projects scaffold, started customizing.

Update 2:

Got the home page "featured projects" image slider working (still need images), figured out why heroku wasn't displaying the icons from font-awesome in the footer.

Update 1:


GitHub page:

The ultimate goal is to have an MVP to use with some beta testers I've lined up to fund real-world residential efficiency improvement projects in Cambridge, MA. Since setting up an ecomerce site would be more effort than makes sense for an MVP, I'll hack in some chip-in widgets for each project, to verify the proof of concept.

I've coded up the basic wireframe, partially implemented a bootstrap image scroller for the featured projects on the home page (need images), and implemented the pins feature, which I plan to adapt for posting projects/project updates, and to create a means for site users to create a "favorites" page of projects they have either funded or think are cool. Both the "projects" and the "favorites" pages will have easy sharing buttons for several social media sites.

Modifications to what we did in class:

- Admin UI (works on localhost, db issue on heroku).
- Modified some of the bootstrap CSS for the pin image boxes and site buttons.

- Implemented a drop-down menu for projects.

- Added a bootstrap search box (search code not implemented, yet).

- Used bootstrap css for all pages.


Pre-update Content:


I originally intended to use this only for allowing people to share photos from Green Planet Heroes projects, but I think I'm going to dump wordpress altogether and switch entirely to rails. The amount of hacking needed to make a wordpress template do what I want is excessive. Considering how much I've learned already via this class, I have a feeling dumping wordpress will save me a ton of time.

Heroku page:

GitHub page:

Here's roughly what I'm aiming for on the home page. There will be some slight tweaks, based on user testing, but this is close:

GPH home page mockup


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