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Finally putting on my bedroom pictures. The walls are all white so I wanted to add fresh and bright pops of color to the room. I'm still searching for prints and paintings (for the wall that you can't see) but this is what I have come up with so far. I added a grey chevron rug and brought a bright blue glass light and finally got around to framing a few pictures that I seem to have had for ages (its great how this course has pushed me to finally finish things off!) I wanted to find a cool colored cushion for the chair but saw this white cushion with leather strips on and I just loved the texture, i thought it worked, see what you think.

I've just loved doing this course my only regret is that it didn't run for longer, I didn't want it to end! I felt like I have learnt so much and am really looking at my house through new eyes, its great. Thanks Justina!

P.S The light hasn't been great the past few days, stormy and muggy in Ohio, so the corner by the light is a little dark.  





Well I wasn't really expecting the bookshelves to take quite so long! They are really rather big and  5 shelves in total. Trying to get the shelves to look good individually and then as a whole was quite a challenge. I wanted a fresher cleaner/bolder look. I added in pops of yellow/lime green. I also love black and white so added a few vases and a little bit of typography as a contrast. Here's what I have achieved so far. Please let me know what you think, what elements I could change, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

Before bookcase:


I've had a fun day styling my credenza and attempting my bookcase (still working on that). Its funny how just looking around my house i feel like everything needs to be changed now! What an inspiring course! 

So here is my before and after shots of the credenza:



As promised the wider after shot.

I will add a wider shot tomorrow, I had to run off to one of my boys baseball games and when I got back there was not much natural light.


I fell inlove with this little gold elephant today! 

My name is Clare and I'm an english gal currently living in Ohio! I studied textiles in London and am so keen to get back to my roots. I'm a mummy of four and so excited for this course.  I love interior design but want some extra help in some key areas of our home. 

I have admired this room for quite a few weeks, the colors, the textures and the simplicity of it all.  I chose this room as I felt it had all the 8 principles.

Color: Gorgeous pops of color, mainly lime green. The retro light also adds an extra pop!

Texture: The chair sings texture to me, with what looks like a metal bottom/wicker bottom. A real 'stand out' in any room.

Bling: The light, so cool!

Pattern: Beautiful rug adding a differnt element of green to the room, also the painting.

Floral: A flower arrangment on the coffee table.

Shape: Lots of interesting shapes in this room.  The free standing light particularly stands out. I also love how the duck and the painting on the right add a little quirkiness to the room.

Needs: I can imagine lots of relaxing in this room, curling up on that sofa and reading a good book (from the coffee table!). It also looks great for entertaining friends.

Placement: I love the way they have placed the sofa and the chairs, a very sociable room.

Away on vacation with the family at present, back at the weekend and excited to post photo's of the 5 key areas.

image was from www.lightlocations.com

5 Key areas of my home:

Before Bedroom - This is the spare bedroom, its just been freshly painted and so is a blank canvas.  I'm not that keen on the bed, its a little dated. I think with pillows/cushions, pictures and a splash of color it hopefully will take away from the look of the bed.

A few before and afters below:

I have two console/credenza's that need work.


Before Coffee table - A bit of a mess at the moment. The kids tend to stuff things underneath. 

After coffee table

After a lot of playing around this is the set up that I felt most comfortable with. I tried to team the red in the vase with the red cushion and  thought the white little rocking bird picked up the white in the rug. Still not sure about the tea light holders though. Would really appreciate your feedback. 

Coffee table close up

Before Sofa - Not our favorite thing in the house. We're also not very keen on brown but brought it 6 years ago as a temporary measure when the kids were young, then we had our fourth and its still here! Its good for not showing up the mess though and it is in the family room. We'll probably invest in a new one when we move next year. Until then its in need of pattern or some kind of makeover.

After sofa and coffee table 

Before Bookshelves:

I also have another space that is in need of styling. A covered deck with newly stained flooring. I have a great hanging chair that needs putting up. I'd also like a coffee table out here.


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