UPDATED: A Recording Engineer's Website

UPDATED: A Recording Engineer's Website - student project

My husband, who is a recording engineer/jingle writer, needed a simple website design that would reflect his work for potential clients to browse. I wanted to keep a lot of his work on the front page (the less pages people have to click through, the better was my strategy,) but I'm concerned about too much clutter since there are a lot of different images. Although all the albums and videos haven't been put on this mock yet, how do I reflect in the design that I want more content to drop down after clicking view more? 

I'm uploading a first rough draft even though I feel completely scatter brained with how to organize this. I haven't finalized a logo (putting gotham words for now) or entered titles/credits. I have used Meg's avatar ideas for each album cover, and something similar to button style six for the about and contact.

(On a side note, I know this extends beyond the realms of this particular class, but even if I can go through with this design, I have no idea how to get it onto his website, or how to even create a popup for the videos. Should I link from vimeo? Should the videos be permanently stored on his site? How can I translate this design to a mobile site? I know very little about webdesign outside of heavily customizing wordpress themes. I can conceptualize and do the design grunt work, but I struggle putting my ideas onto an actual website.)


UPDATED: A Recording Engineer's Website - image 1 - student project

MOCK 2 (Updated alternative)

I put in a placeholder logo for now to help me visualize this.

UPDATED: A Recording Engineer's Website - image 2 - student project


First I swapped in a photo I took of Dave to immediately give clarity to what he does, and added some illustration at the bottom. The logo is still a placeholder for now. I changed the navigation so that each album in the Discography and each video in the Music Score/Sound Recording revolved on a landscape rotation rather than vertically. I have designed a lightbox for albums and videos when clicked on.

UPDATED: A Recording Engineer's Website - image 3 - student project


Quickly scketched the score/jingles and discography icons, maybe have to finesse that in time.

UPDATED: A Recording Engineer's Website - image 4 - student project