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UPDATE: new SOFA + COFFEE table photos!

(part 3): my BEFORE + AFTER SOFA photos

I didnt think it would be this difficult to style my sofa, maybe I am getting used to the bright colours or maybe my couch is to dark but something seems a tad off and the lighting in here is horrible so forgive the lighting in my photos. I do love my new throw pillows I guess im just trying to find the right placement for everything on the sofa. Let me know if you have any suggestions! I think finding another throw pillow that is more multi-coloured and less structured with a litlte bohemian feel would make it look less 'styled' and more lived in. (and lets not mention the far to enormous plant pot) I need to get the right size one! Also I plan to have a big comfy possibly colourful chair where the clear one sits at the moment so there is a cozy spot by the window to sit and read.


I had so much fun with this one, I love coffee tables and decor pieces and books stacked on them. I feel I have really taken the tools and guidelines to styling a great coffee table from Justina's video. Since last posting I have done a little bit of shopping and was able to start adding colour to my monochromatic space, and I am loving it! It is so bright and cheery, I cant wait to add a few more pieces of colour to the space. Let me know what you think and give me any feedback you may have :) I look forward to looking at your spaces as well. 


(the before photo)

(the after photos)

here is another after after photo I just took since I got flowers in the perfect shade of pink and put them in a re-used extra large mason jar I used to have a plant in. I think it looks better than the yellow piece on the table! 


(part 1)

I chose this living room, that I recently saw from one of my favourite bloggers. She had an HGTV interior stylist complete her new space and I think it looks absolutely perfect! I LOVE her colour choices, its very cheery, light and airy. I love the fact that there are a ton of plants, it makes it feel so warm and inviting, not to mention all of the natural light from the windows! this is a long space and i think the placement is perfect, it still feels open and welcoming and de-cluttered even though there is so much going on. She has all 8 principles of interior styling without a doubt! This space is my biggest inpisration at the moment in terms of covering each essential element to styling an interior space successfully!

I look forward to completing our projects here and seeing what everyone else is doing!

Here are some photos of my apartment currently (I recently moved into this place, 6 months ago now - new apartment and new city!) so I have started from scratch in terms of, well everything we have! Everything in our place is new since we have moved in and I am still continuing to improve my space daily so it will have some more items added over the next week like throw pillows for the couch and such things. So it is a work in progress. I have painted the entire place upon moving in so it is much more bright and airy than it was. Even though the windows are a fair size the lighting isnt the best, at least in photos, in person its great!

my bedroom, just recently painted from a drab beige to white and dark gray accent wall. NEEDS are the side tables and wall shelf, for lamp and books.

I think I am definitely in need of some more pillows for the bed, sleeping ones and a couple of smaller throw pillows to add some more texture and colour perhaps. I like the room monacromatic though and having the living room full of colour mixed with the black and white furniture. 

I am using this unit as my credenza and bookshelf, it will be where the tv goes when we get one. But for now i like using it for this plant to add height to that wall and storing my favourite books and a chair for extra seating when guests are over.

I got these boxes to hide clutter and keep it looking clean and organized. I also love the clear chair so it doesnt look like it is taking up space as a solid chair would and for added comfort and texture I bought this sheepskin seat cushion. Now that I have all of our furniture peices, (well almost besides a big comfy chair beside the couch) I am going to start adding colour to the space. I have chosen blue, coral and mustard yellow. That I will be adding through throw pillows, blankets, art prints and a colourful chair.

I love black, white and gray but I cant wait to add a colourful throw and a bunch of mix-matching pillows but that compliment eachother in shades. They will have different patterns to add texture and shape. I recently got the two large tropical plants as I know having botanicals is essential and brings so much to a space! I need a smaller plant pot though for this one above. :)

The coffee table, the ever changing element in a room, I find at least. I just recently painted this coffee table tray gold to add some bling and seperation between the table as it was previously white. I love my collection of rocks and crystals on the table and having a scented candle is a must in my opinion. I love books, read them and collect them and I love when a coffee table is stylized with a stack (or two) with soem great light reading. 

Another need that can look a bit messy no matter how clean and straight it is is having this shelf below the table! It helps so much to hide extra books you dont want laying around, remotes or dvds. You really cant see underneath unless your sitting on the floor so it usually hides these extra things well. I feel like this photo makes the table look too cluttered and messy for my liking.

What do you think? Tell me your thoughts or any tips you may have from looking at this space. I know its not complete yet as I just moved in a few months back and it takes time to fill but I would love some feedback on ideas you may have :)



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