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UPDATE: Sketchbook Magic Day 1-5

So here is my sketch a day project thus far. I have been doing art since I could hold a pencil. I have used many mediums, except watercolor. I tried it but was horrible at it. So I hated it until I graduated college.

Since it is my weakness, and since I just got a winsor & newton pan set for Christmas, I decided my main focus would be watercolor until i get comfortable with it. Thus the reason I have chosen to do my sketch a day project in this medium.

I feel out of control with such a free flowing medium, and patience is not my strong suit so waiting for things to dry before proceeding has been my downfall.

Day 1: Making Marks. Decided to make a bunch of different things I have seen other artists use in their work that I liked. Wanted to do watercolors because it is my weakness and less used medium I have worked with.


Day 2 word prompt was eye.


Day 3 word prompt was camera. I love photography so this made me happy



Day 4 word prompt was monkey. So I chose a baboon cuz it had the most colors out of all the monkeys. I painted  on the kitchen island. I wasn't really influenced by my environment.

So for day five I pulled another prompt from my magic cup and Falcon came out. I decided to paint on my bed in my bedroom, with all my 4 cats messing with my supplies. Other than that it was relaxing and peaceful. Here is my Day 5.


So looks like I pulled a number 28 out of my bowl, so I will continue doing watercolors every day for the rest of the month at least! :)


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