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UPDATE-Mar13-Afternoon Walkabout


A few shots taken with the Pentax Q and Pentax K5. I tried to do both diagonals and dead-on angles, especially of geometric windows that I noticed around town.

WINDOWS #1 - I just liked the look of this old building. I added a border to a few of the images because it was hard to tell where the photo ended since the sky is so white in a many of these photos.

- I liked the way this grid tile pattern led to the narrow windows and vertical cement lines.

- These are a few basement windows that sat nicely along the diagonal.

BOAT - Just a nice diagonal I noticed.

BOAT CLUB - trying out the rule of thirds again, while using the fore/mid/background idea.

PATHWAY - The fog had an eerie feel to it so I tilted the camera to take the picture on an angle in order to play this feeling up.

EFFIE #1 - My 17-year-old. :)  I tried to use the patterns on the blankets to my advantage.

EFFIE #2 - I felt the guide rail helped lead the eye along the diagonal down the road to where they're walking.

HOT CROSS BUNS - A shot I took for my mom's business to turn into a poster


These are the result of a stroll through my local downtown. Just trying to get the basics down, so nothing came out terribly awesomely.

#1 - Lightpost } Working with lines, horizontals and verticals, rule of thirds

#2 - Oakville Inn } Another shot taken for the lines and rule of thirds as well as the fore/mid/background.

#3 - Bridge View } Shot through an opening in one bridge to show another bridge, my attempt at a frame within a frame. I tried to position the image in the upper third of the photo while maintaining a fore/mid/background.

#4 - Tree & Post } I shot this one to have the branches frame the old lamp post and sign, placing it at the right third of the shot with the sign horizontal in the bottom third.

#5 - Trees } This one is dead centre but I wanted to frame the line of trees right down the middle within the first tree.

#6 - Fence Top } And this was just a cool fence, so I shot this at a straight on angle to showcase the cutouts at the top.

I used a Pentax Q + 02 Zoom Lens for this walk and am a bit disappointed with the quality of shots, but it may just be that i'm not fully familiar with it yet. I usually use a Pentax K5 for digital work and film cameras for everything else.

I'm still struggling with a lot of the concepts - I understand them logically, I just find I tend to overthink shots when I'm actually out taking the pictures.

I'm also having a hard time with cropping, so I hope that this comes with practice as well. Any feedback would be great! :)


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